Get Hooked on the BG Elite Chimp Pimp!

Get Hooked on the BG Elite Chimp Pimp!

Are you tired of coming back empty-handed from your fishing trips? It's time to turn the tide and reel in those trophy-worthy catches with our game-changing BG Elite Chimp Pimp! Allow me to introduce you to a 5” flatworm that will revolutionize your fishing experience.

Whether you're downsizing in the south to catch finicky fish or drop-shotting up north for giant smallmouth, the BG Chimp Pimp has been crafted to excel in any fishing environment, giving you the versatility needed to hook a variety of species.

This isn't just another ordinary fishing bait that blends into the crowd. The BG Chimp Pimp stands out from the competition, leaving other lures hanging by their hooks. As a buoyant finesse bait, the BG Elite Chimp Pimp grabs fish attention and won't let go. With precisely engineered swimming action, this finesse worm will entice even the most finicky fish to strike.

Available in four colors, the BG Elite Chimp Pimp is the finesse bait of champions! Want to know more? Feel free to ask questions or share your experiences with the Chimp Pimp. 

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