Collection: BG Elite Worms

The BG Elite Scrambler is the perfect swimming worm. With a thick body and 7″ overall length it will cover many fishing applications. The BG Elite Scrambler draws more strikes in tough conditions due to the thumping action of the tail. This bait can be Texas rigged, buzzed on the surface, or Carolina rigged. It’s a great all-around bait with the perfect swimming action. The BG Elite Scrambler is available in many of your favorite Bass Gorilla colors and BG Elite Lil’ Scrambler is a junior version for the perfect finesse application.

Our 6.5″ BG Elite Tricks hold a hook better than most.  They are poured in a very durable consistency but are still able to maintain that perfect wiggle. Our laminate and tail colors are one of the most consistent out there.  So, if you’re looking to Texas rig-, Shaky head, or Wacky rig we have the trick worm for you. 

The BG Elite Swimmipede is a unique bait in the BG Elite series. With its 4.5” ribbed body and curly tail, this bait resembles a small swimming bait fish. It definitely is a different looking kind of bait that bass have not seen before. It is very effective any way it is rigged and will produce quality strikes. Fish it around any type of cover – rock, wood, grass, etc. – and any kind of structure – both shallow and deep.