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B-N-B Jigs Swim Jig

B-N-B Jigs Swim Jig

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Introducing Bobby Bakewell's BnB Swim Jigs - the ultimate choice for bass fishing enthusiasts who love swim jigging. Crafted with precision and designed for excellence, these swim jigs are unmatched in performance. With their unique shape and superior construction, Bobby Bakewell's BnB Swim Jigs outshine the competition.

These swim jigs feature a balanced head design, allowing them to effortlessly glide through the water and prevent rolling and line twists. The inclusion of a uniquely specific diameter weed guard in the head ensures a hassle-free fishing experience by minimizing snags and providing a clean hook set.

What sets Bobby Bakewell's BnB Swim Jigs apart is the hand-tied custom skirting that adds a natural and captivating flow to their presentation. This attention to detail enhances their appeal and increases the chances of attracting those elusive bass.

Purposely designed with the uniquely angled 5-0 Mustad Sickle hook, these jigs significantly increase hook set ratios and optimum performance. Bobby Bakewell's BnB Swim Jigs offer a high-grade construction that maximizes efficiency on every fishing trip.

Whether you're a seasoned angler or a beginner, these swim jigs are the perfect addition to your bass fishing arsenal. Elevate your fishing game with Bobby Bakewell's BnB Swim Jigs and experience the difference they make in your catch.

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