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BG Elite Flapper Craw

BG Elite Flapper Craw

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Introducing the ultimate bait for Largemouth, Spotted, and Smallmouth bass fishing - the BG Elite Flapper Craw. Designed specifically for flipping and pitching applications, this craw delivers the perfect claw action to entice bass into striking. Its thick, solid body ensures durability, allowing it to withstand the rigors of flipping and pitching heavy cover.

To enhance its versatility, the BG Elite Flapper Craw is compatible with a recommended 3/0-5/0 EWG or 3/0-5/0 straight-shank flipping hook of your choice. This enables you to confidently flip pads, heavy mats, wood, docks, or use it as a jig trailer. It excels in various fishing scenarios, making it the ultimate multi-application bait.

Each pack of BG Elite Flapper Craw contains 7 meticulously crafted baits, providing you with ample supply for your fishing excursions. Loaded with the irresistible Gorilla Juice scent, this bait becomes even more enticing to bass, increasing your chances of success.

Elevate your flipping and pitching game with the BG Elite Flapper Craw and experience its unmatched effectiveness in enticing Largemouth, Spotted, and Smallmouth bass. Don't miss out on this versatile bait - add the BG Elite Flapper Craw to your fishing tackle today!

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