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Bass Gorilla Baits

BG Elite Jungle Menace

BG Elite Jungle Menace

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Introducing the game-changing bait for Largemouth, Spotted, and Smallmouth bass fishing - Bass Gorillas' original Jungle Menace, designed by OG Bass Gorilla, Ryan Cooper. This unique creature bait is a must-have in your tackle box. With its big-bodied profile and enticing action, the Jungle Menace creates massive water displacement, making it an irresistible temptation for big bass. The versatility of this soft bait is unmatched. Whether you prefer flipping it independently or pairing it with a flipping jig or swim jig, the Jungle Menace delivers exceptional results. It's a proven big-bass magnet that will revolutionize your fishing experience.

With nine carefully tested and tried color options, you have endless possibilities to match your fishing conditions and preferences. Each pack of Jungle Menace includes 7 meticulously crafted baits, ensuring you have the right ammunition for your fishing excursions.

Elevate your bass fishing game with the Bass Gorillas' original Jungle Menace and experience the unmatched effectiveness of this game-changing creature bait!

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