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Bass Gorilla Baits

BG Elite Scrambler 7" Speed Worm

BG Elite Scrambler 7" Speed Worm

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Introducing the ultimate speed worm for Largemouth, Spotted, and Smallmouth bass fishing - the BG Elite Scrambler. As a larger version of the popular BG Elite Lil' Scrambler, this 7" speed worm retains the same incredible action while offering a size that entices more strikes, even in tough conditions.

Whether you choose to buzz it, Carolina rig it, swim it just below the surface, or Texas rig it, the BG Elite Scrambler delivers exceptional results. Its unique tail design creates a thumping action that drives fish into a frenzy, and its superb swimming action proves irresistible to fish of all sizes.

Available in a variety of eye-catching colors, you can choose the one that matches your fishing preferences and conditions. Each bag contains 10 meticulously crafted Scrambler baits, ensuring you have plenty to work with on your fishing trips.

Infused with the powerful Gorilla Juice scent, these baits become even more enticing to bass, enhancing your chances of a successful catch. Elevate your fishing game with the BG Elite Scrambler speed worm and experience the unmatched effectiveness of this versatile bait.

Don't miss out on this essential speed worm - equip yourself with the BG Elite Scrambler and discover a new level of success in targeting Largemouth, Spotted, and Smallmouth bass. Get ready for thrilling fishing adventures and unforgettable catches with the BG Elite Scrambler speed worm!


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