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Bass Gorilla Baits

BG Elite Swimmipede Zipper Worm

BG Elite Swimmipede Zipper Worm

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Introducing the game-changing bait for Largemouth, Spotted, and Smallmouth bass fishing - the BG Elite Swimmipede. This unique addition to the BG Elite series features a 4.5" ribbed body and curly tail, closely resembling a small swimming baitfish. With its distinctive appearance, the BG Elite Swimmipede presents bass with a bait they haven't encountered before, making it highly effective in triggering strikes.

The prominent ribs along the length of the Swimmipede offer multiple benefits. Not only do they create a bulkier appearance without adding weight, but they also displace water, creating a larger disturbance below the surface, attracting bass from greater distances. Additionally, these ribs provide a feel and texture that bass love, increasing their holding time for better hooksets. The soft, thin, and flexible curly tail adds extra action on the fall or when the bait is skimming along the bottom.

Whether you choose to rig it in different ways, the BG Elite Swimmipede delivers exceptional results. Its versatility shines as it entices finicky fish when fished around various types of cover such as rock, wood, and grass. It's equally effective in shallow and deep-water structures.

Explore various rigging techniques with the BG Elite Swimmipede. It excels as a flipping bait, effortlessly maneuvering through small openings in thick cover. Try Texas rigging it and shaking it on deep structures, or dropshot it with heavier line, pitching it into fish-holding cover while shaking the entire rig. By adjusting the leader length, you can precisely position the bait where suspended fish are. Additionally, the BG Elite Swimmipede serves as an excellent trailer on chatterbaits.

Each pack contains 7 meticulously crafted Swimmipede baits, ensuring you have enough for your fishing excursions. Infused with the potent Gorilla Juice scent, these baits become even more enticing to bass, maximizing your chances of a successful catch.

Elevate your bass fishing game with the BG Elite Swimmipede and experience its unmatched effectiveness. This unique bait belongs in your tackle box. Don't miss out on this game-changer - equip yourself with the BG Elite Swimmipede and unleash its potential on Largemouth, Spotted, and Smallmouth bass.


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