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BG Elite Swimbait

BG Elite Swimbait

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Introducing the BG Elite Swimbait: Your Ultimate Tackle Box Essential

The BG Elite Swimbait is a game-changing baitfish imitation that will revolutionize your swim jig and bladed jig fishing. Designed to deliver deadly effectiveness, this must-have lure boasts a torpedo-like body shape and a specially designed tail, producing an irresistible vibration and thumping action that fish can't resist.

With its slimmer profile, the BG Elite Swimbait effortlessly slips through vegetation and tight spaces in cover, allowing anglers to cover more water and explore hidden hotspots. It's the perfect swim jig or bladed jig trailer, providing an ideal size to create the perfect baitfish profile and secondary action, bringing your favorite jig to life in the water.

What sets the BG Elite Swimbait apart is its versatility. Featuring a split belly, it's compatible with screw-lock style swimbait hooks or Texas-rigs, offering finesse presentation options for varying fishing conditions. You'll love the multitude of colors available, ensuring you always have the right match for any fishing scenario.

Retrieve it quickly across the surface or drag it slowly along the bottom—the choice is yours. For precise depth control, we recommend rigging it Texas-style with either a 4/0 or 5/0 EWG hook and a bullet weight.

Don't miss out on this angler-favorite swimbait. The BG Elite Swimbait is available in four vibrant colors, guaranteeing you'll find the perfect match for your fishing preferences. Each pack includes five expertly crafted swimbaits, ensuring you're always ready for action.

Upgrade your fishing game with the BG Elite Swimbait today and elevate your jig and swimbait fishing arsenal to new heights!

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