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Bass Gorilla Baits

Tungsten Flipping Weights

Tungsten Flipping Weights

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Introducing the game-changing BG Tungsten Flipping Weights, meticulously designed to elevate your flipping and pitching skills to new heights. These weights offer unparalleled sensitivity, hydrodynamic performance, and a resilient finish that won't break the bank.

Crafted with 97% tungsten, they provide exceptional sensitivity and a compact profile, ensuring that fish stay focused on your bait, not your hardware. With insert-free construction and a polished line bore, your line stays abrasion-free.  The dipped finish guarantees that our Flipping Weights maintain their exterior finish, flip after flip, season after season.

In a nutshell, our durable and chip-resistant finish sets us apart from the competition, all at an affordable price. Choose from a range of sizes to match your tackle or cover density. Unleash your flipping and pitching potential with BG Tungsten Flipping Weights today.


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